BackWater Valves

One of the worst nightmares for a homeowner is the flooding of their basement from a backed up sewer line. Raw sewage in a basement, especially a finished one, can cause damage that is difficult and costly to repair, and can also create health hazards. With high rain levels some homeowners have had to deal with this very unpleasant situation more than once. While cities and municipalities work relentlessly to clean and inspect sewer main lines, it is still possible for a sewer main to plug up and allow water and sewage to flow into the dwellings it serves.

A floor drain backwater valve or mainline backwater valve can prevent all this. These check valves are also sometimes referred to as "back flow prevention valves". Some homeowners live in flood prone areas. One of the factors to building a flood proof basement is knowing your location in relation to the sanitary sewer system that serves your building or home. A sewer backwater valve can make sure your basement is protected and your home stays clean and dry.

Depending on the level of your home in relation to the main sewer lines serving the area, it may or may not be needed. For most people it is a relatively inexpensive addition to a plumbing system when other work is being done and this can save a great problem from ever occurring should the main sewer line back up.

Aries Plumbing can asses your situation and give you advice on the need for a backwater valve in your home or business plumbing system.