Bathroom Remodeling by St. Louis Pros

When you are considering remodeling your bathroom or parts of your home, Aries Plumbing can help you with friendly advice and professional installation. We are professionals with years of experience in remodeling homes. In the housing market downturn, many people have chosen to get the most value out of their existing homes by staying and upgrading their current home. Aries can assist with all phases of your project.

Plan for Bath Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be an overwhelming project if not planned correctly. A well-planned bathroom project can save major money during the installation, and can help make the difference between a new bathroom you like and one you love. Aries Plumbing has years of experience assisting home owners with bath remodeling in St. Louis and surrounding areas. The pros at Aries can help customers plan new bathrooms that are the ideal fit for their lifestyle and their finances.

Professional Workmanship

Care and attention to detail is the hallmark of Aries Plumbing. We always make the extra effort to get it just right and make sure we leave your house clean and in top shape after the project is over.

Design Consultation For Your Bathroom Remodel

Speaking with Aries Plumbing before you choose your fixtures may offer you greater choice, and some substantial savings. We have many projects to draw on in our past experience and we often come up with options for designs and layouts that home owners did not originally think of or consider possible. Talking to us about your desired fixtures and layout ahead of time can be a very rewarding choice.

Aries Plumbing is experienced at helping maintain the independence of you or your family members with our expert ADA-compliant upgrades and installations, including grab bars and shower seats. If you or any of your family members have special needs for accessibility, we can assist you in your choices and make sure your project keeps your home completely accessible.

Call Aries to help plan and design your bathroom remodel project today.