Laundry Room Re-location

One of the most common remodel projects home owners decide on is the re-location of laundry services from the basement to the first floor of a home. Many people decide to do this so the access of laundry does not involve many steps up and down stairs. This is very important for the elderly or the otherwise physically challenged. For everyone, it can mean less time spent dealing with one of the tedious chores of daily life.

Aries Plumbing has helped many home owners re-locate their laundry area to the first floor. This project involves connection of water lines and drain lines to the existing plumbing in the home. The average home owner is not equipped to take on this type of project without help but Aries can still make it economical to do. Our experienced plumbers have what it takes to make this project efficient and cost effective.

Another option is to move the laundry from one area of the basement to another. Finishing up a basement to maximize space can include a combination laundry / bathroom in a single new room. A bathroom and laundry room can give extra space to a finished basement and increase the home's value.

Aries Plumbing can help you decide how to maximize the space you have available and work out the details of plumbing for laundry re-location. Call Aries today to get started.