PEX Plumbing Systems

PEX tubing (Crosslinked Polyethylene) is widely used in water supply systems due to its advantages over the more traditional copper tubing. It can also be used in place of rigid plastic piping systems like ABS, CPVC and PVC. It has been used successfully in Europe for nearly forty years and has been in use in the United States since around 1980.

PEX is a very cost effective piping system. It is a great alternative to copper and PVC piping that has been traditionally used in home building or water system repairs and upgrades. The high price of copper has inspired an epidemic of copper theft across all 50 states. The U.S. Department of Energy assesses the damage of copper theft on a yearly basis and recently suggested that it costs our nation's economy approximately $1 billion a year. Copper theft occurs in vacant foreclosed or rental homes and new residential builds. Replacing missing supply lines and repairing damaged finishes will cost you money and greatly increase the time of new construction.

PEX works for both cold and hot water lines. It is available in red that can be used to indicate hot water and blue for the cold side. This is not necessary, it is just for convenience. It is also available in standard white. Another advantage of using PEX is the fact that water flows very quietly through the tubing. The water hammer noise that is common among copper piping systems is eliminated.

Aries Plumbing can provide a professionally installed PEX plumbing system in your project at a very reasonable cost. Call Aries Plumbing to discuss the possibility of using PEX in your home today.