Water Services

The Water Service Lateral is what connects the main water supply from the city or county to the water lines inside a house. Each city or county has it's own rules on who takes responsibility for what portions of this line if damage occurs and repairs are needed.

Water Service Laterals can sometimes develop leaks from pipe corrosion or other damage causing factors after many years of service. If that happens, it becomes a top priority to establish where the division of responsibility lies for the repair.

Aries Plumbing has helped many homeowners determine what the area of responsibility is for their Water Service Lateral. In some cases there is an insurance that is paid for from the water company that is part of the regular bill that actually covers a replacement or repair of a water service lateral coming into a house should a leak occur.

Aries Plumbing has the experience, equipment , and man power to make short work of most water service lateral repair jobs. We have installed new water service laterals for new home construction and performed countless repair and replacements on homes where damage has caused a leak.

Our office staff can help you determine if you might be covered by an insurance policy built into your water bill as a part of your regular water service. We have surprised many home owners by helping them get their repair bill paid for by the water company instead of the customer. Call Aries Plumbing right away if you suspect a leak or other damage has occurred to your water service lateral.